About Mario


My name is Mario. As you can probably tell, I love Cannabis. For many reasons. Although I mainly use it for recreational purposes, at one point I used it to help with depression, maybe I still am.

I created this site to educate people a bit about cannabis and it’s many uses. I also created this site to help people and cannabis lovers find new and fun ways to consume cannabis. One of my main purposes of creating this site is to help change that negative concept many people still have about cannabis and give it a more serious approach, the one it deserves.

Whatever your reason for consuming Cannabis is, here you can find plenty of fun and new ways to consume it. From the classic joint to the latest in electronic devices. You will also find fun and entertaining as well as knowledgeable posts regarding cannabis. I really hope you find useful things in this site. If you have content to add, have any questions or would like to see specific content, contact me, Mario @ mariocervantes@cannabismundo.com . Enjoy!

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