Many people smoke Cannabis without knowing a couple of facts that so far only Cannabis users come to learn with time. I say only Cannabis users because lots of the things mentioned in this video seem like just theories and are not actual scientifically proven facts.

Science is barely scratching the surface when it comes to Cannabis. But there is more to it than just getting high. This video has one of the best descriptions of what the mental state of being high is all about and in some ways it seems almost like an instruction manual to Cannabis in general. I hope you guys enjoy this and feel free to leave your comment below.

Also thanks to the YouTube channel Universe Inside You for sharing this knowledge and feel free to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more awesome videos like this. 

2 thoughts on “Cannabis And Meditation

  1. This is great Stuff and it’s good to see deeper and broader knowledge about cannabis and its many uses other than simply getting high. It provides it a more meaningful value. Thank you for sharing great and important knowledge. = )

    1. Glad to hear you like the content Marshall. If you feel someone you know may get some use of this knowledge feel free to share and stay tuned for upcoming material. Thank you Marshall for your comment and take care. Much Love and Joy!

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