Cannabis Benefits

Scientist Raphael Mechoulam- The Grandfather of Cannabis

The Israeli researcher Raphael Mechoulam became the first known scientist in the world to isolate Delta 9 Tetrahidrocannabinol also known as TCH, the main psychoactive compound in the Cannabis plant. In Israel Cannabis is legal since 1999. More on this here .

Different Cannabis Benefits

Cannabis Benefits
Different Cannabis Benefits

Cannabis, what is it? Most people are a bit confused about what cannabis is. This is because it is not just one thing. Besides it having thousands of nicknames, (marijuana being one of the most popular) there are different cannabis benefits for the world. Just the different cannabis benefits on the body are many.

There are also many  different cannabis benefits for the environment, different cannabis benefits for livestock, cannabis benefits for construction and even cannabis benefits for economy. Through history there has been very many different cannabis benefits and it seems we are now starting to rediscover them and discovering many new uses as well. Cannabis Mundo



Different Cannabis Benefits
10 Health Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis can be grown almost anywhere in the globe and it has literally thousands of uses. Cannabis fibers are the strongest in the world. In the past it was very common to find ropes and clothes made from cannabis. It is said that clothes made from cannabis are 3 times stronger, 4 times warmer and up to 7 times more durable on flames than cotton clothes. Another of the great cannabis benefits is paper.

Cannabis paper is far superior than paper made from wood. It lasts longer and does not yellow over time. One acre of cannabis can produce as much paper as four to ten acres of trees over a twenty year cycle. When cannabis takes around four months to mature, a tree can take up to 80 years. I know, it sounds ridiculous we are still using trees for paper right? Cannabis can also be used as one of the strongest building materials in the world potentially superior than our current building materials. The seeds can be used to make Carbon Neutral Biodiesel or simply eaten as food. Cannabis is one of the oldest and most valuable crops known to man.




Cannabis is probably the oldest medicine. It is believed that is has been used in medicinal practices for over 4 thousand years. Cannabis seeds contain one of the highest sources of protein found in nature. Studies show that consuming cannabis clans and enlarges the arteries which help prevent heart attacks and strokes. Records say that queen Victoria used it for menstrual pain relief.

In the past, cannabis was widely accepted throughout society for all kinds of medicinal benefits like in the treatment of asthma, sinus, arthritis, alzheimer, hepatitis, diabetes, osteoporosis, HIV, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and the list goes on. In the treatment of some types of cancer research has shown that it targets and stimulates cancer cells to autodestroy and it alleviates the nausea from the kimio therapy and it brings back the apetite. It also helps with sleep disorders. These are just some of the re findings and surely we will be finding many more different cannabis benefits in the future. Cannabis Recipes 

Health Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana

This is a short article addressing just a few of the very many health benefits of smoking marijuana.

The Science of Cannabis

The Science of Cannabis is a great documentary on how Cannabis can be very beneficial as medicine and help people have better quality lives.






How To Make Cannabis Oil

Ever wonder how to make Cannabis oil? It’s easy. This is a quick and easy guide to one method of making Cannabis oil.

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