In this occasion you will learn how to make Cannabis oil. Needless to say this should only be done by adults. Now, depending on the potency of the Cannabis you will be using, for this specific tutorial we will be using 20 grams of Lemon Haze Cannabis. Make sure your Cannabis is very well grinded and mix it with  96% food grade alcohol (for human Consumption) in a container of your choice, preferably glass.

Add just enough alcohol so it completely covers your grinded Cannabis. Once mixed, you can shake it or just let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. After this, pour the mix into another container using a fine strainer to remove the plant material. Put the remaining plant material back in the first container, pour more alcohol and let sit or shake for another 5 minutes and pour into second container again using the strainer to remove the plant material.

Repeat this process one more time to make sure we have extracted all the oils from the plant. Once you have strained and separated the plant material from the alcohol, filter it one more time into a pot or pan (preferably glass) using a coffee filter this time to make sure we remove all the remaining fine plant material. If you do not have coffee filters, a paper towel should work just fine. At this point your alcohol should look clear green.  

Next we will evaporate the alcohol to be left with just the Cannabis oil. For this we do need to have enough ventilation for the evaporated fumes to escape or to be doing this outdoors, I must empathise in this point since the fumes are very flammable and if not properly ventilated can be dangerous. Place your pot with the alcohol in very low heat to make sure the alcohol does not boil. Keep it under boiling temperature while stirring to make sure it does not boil.

If it does start boiling remove it from the flame a few seconds. After approximately 20-25 minutes the alcohol will evaporate and you will be left with thick dark oil. Once it begins bubbling remove it from flame and immediately add about a tablespoon of Olive oil or preferably Omega 3 oil since this last one helps avoid the short memory loss by keeping your brain sharp.

The addition of Olive oil or Omega 3 is to soften the remaining Cannabis oil since it is so thick and it should be done while still warm for easy handling. While warm mix the oils and use a cooking spatula to pour the Cannabis oil into a smaller container or you can also store it in a syringe for easy access. Your Cannabis oil is ready for consumption. About one drop of oil is recommended for a 8-12 hour effect. Now you know!  

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