There are many ways of consuming Cannabis. The most common one is smoking it and in this form the effects are almost instantaneous. It can take from 30 seconds to 5 minutes but most strains will take less than a minute. Other ways of ingesting Cannabis is by drinking or eating it which will take a bit longer, ranging from half hour to hour and a half.

Smoking it makes the effects faster because once inhaled, your lungs quickly distribute the mind altering compound called delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC into the bloodstream and into the brain and the rest of the organs from there. Once in the brain, the brain releases dopamine which is the chemical that activates the pleasure centers. Smoked the effects will last approximately 2 hours and eating it about 8 hours.

What are the effects of marijuana in your persona?
This is the part more commonly known as High. Happy, relaxed and light headed is what the majority of people feel. Some people and myself agree that it makes you feel much Love and connected and in tune with everything around you.

One starts having an altered perception. Some of these effects many people do not notice the first time and actually believe that they do not feel anything all while having a huge smile in their face and maybe giggling or even laughing out loud. It’s that feeling of joy and well being. The eyes become red, mouth becomes dry and after a while you will be hungry, very hungry. This stage is called, the munchies. Some people may notice that colors look more intense and sounds are amplified. This is why music sounds better. Generally speaking all your senses become better.

The sense of time though, may become distorted. Some people may experience impairment of attention, memory and perception. This is when people who are high usually get distracted easily. My own theory on this is, how can you not get distracted when you are having all these extra senses and feeling and experiences all around you and many thoughts at the same time? This is why heavy smokers do not look distracted anymore (sometimes), and can actually drive better and safer. We heavy smokers have become accustomed and can now make full use of these extra senses, where for someone new it may take a while to get used to and therefore look distracted.

For heavy users like myself it can actually be very beneficial in focusing, ironically. You see, when you’re high the effect does not necessarily have to be one or the other. This can very much differentiate. Many factors come to play here. Some of these are your own state of mind, the environment and surroundings, what you are doing in the moment and even the perception you have of marijuana.

For example many people who still feel they are actually doing something bad and sort of guilty for smoking marijuana get that also known, anxiety and paranoya probably do to their fear of getting caught. This is not an effect of smoking but the effects of their own way of thinking. This is why it is best to be well educated to make the experience more pleasurable. If you smoke Cannabis and really want to relax, that is what you will get. If you want to smoke and study you will probably focus even better.

This is another thing that makes music so pleasurable when high. Not only are the sounds amplified but you sometimes understand the songs or lyrics even better because you are more concentrated. Even music you have heard before now make more sense. This is because you are focusing more on what the music sais. Of course this is if that is your intention. Like I have mentioned, the effects are not necessarily one or the other. It depends on the user. Another thing, smoking does not make the person’s character but amplifies it. If someone is lazy or responsible, smart or not so much, good or bad is not because they smoke Cannabis. They were like that before they smoked. Another effect of Cannabis that comes with time is that it makes you self aware and therefore open the possibility to always become better and grow as a person.

In conclusion. Most studies as of now have shown that the only negative effect of consuming cannabis is that slight memory loss and so called impairment of attention. And again I do not believe this is an effect of Cannabis but the effect of so much thinking at the same time and new sensations and so on. I personally know people that are distracted and seem to have trouble paying attention and focusing and have slight short term memory loss and guess what? They do not consume Cannabis.

Fortunately I have found something that counteracts this only found negative side effect of smoking Cannabis. Omega 3, this thing is a charm. I personally consume it daily and have noticed a big difference when it comes to focusing and reflexes. By the way, Cannabis seeds are highly rich in Omega 3, maybe those seeds were meant to eat in combination with smoking for better effects. By combining Omega 3 daily you will counteract the short term memory loss. But not only for people who smoke Cannabis. Studies show that Omega 3 helps the brain run smoother and sharper in general. All the more reason to stay high. Let me know what you think about this and leave a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “The Effects Of Marijuana

  1. Hola, me gustó mucho el contenido, coincido en que el efecto varía mucho según la persona que lo fume, cada quien tiene organismos diferentes así que lo asimilan de distinta manera, lo importante es que cada quien lo descubra y no se deje llevar por lo que le dicen los demás, en mi experiencia me gusta mucho porque amplia todos mis sentidos y me puedo concentrar mucho mejor. También creo que sería muy bueno que más gente sepa y se de cuenta de todos los beneficios que trae el fumar Cannabis, ya que la mayoría de las personas la tienen en un mal concepto y ni saben el porqué.
    Saludos! 🙂 🙂

    1. Tienes mucha rason Ceci. Cada quien responde diferente a los efectos y también es cierto que mucha gente sigue viendo el Cannabis como algo negativo. Cosa de tiempo y de que se informen. Tengo entendido que tu tienes un titulo universitario. Dime Ceci, tus colegas sabes que fumas? Y si si, que opinan? Gracias por tu comentario Ceci.:D 😀

  2. I love it …. I have to have it also it seems perfectly not to have… 💨💨💨💨💨

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