What is a vapor?

A vapor, also called a vape or vaporizer pen are basically other terms used for a vaporizer. And exactly what is a vaporizer? A vaporizer is a device generally electronic and therefore has some form or battery or electric input. These devices use indirect heating to extract substances without burning the substance itself and are generally used as a smoking alternative.

Most vaporizers either use convection heating which means it forces heated air through a substance, or conduction heating which means the substance is placed in a container typically porcelain, glass or metal which is then heated which means you are only inhaling vapor from your product and extracting the essential oils.

 Different kinds of Vaporizers

 There are commonly two types of vaporizers and some are simple to use and others  are more complex. These are handheld vaporizers which are small enough to fit into your pocket or purse therefore the most common, portable and discrete. Tabletop or desktop vaporizers are roughly the size of a small hookah and plug into a wall outlet or can use batteries giving it somewhat portability.

These either have a tube attached or a detachable inflatable bag which fills with vapor. Tabletop or desktop models use forced air through a tiny fan to generate a continual vapor flow and a more powerful hit. The obvious difference is the size which makes the tabletop vapes not very portable. All vapes  use heat to function and the heating element may take a few seconds to warm up varying from one vapor to another.

What do they vaporize?

The material used to fill your vaporizer can vary depending on the type of vaporizer. Many are filled with liquid substance depending on your preference. Others are filled with oil, wax and even dry herb. These are the substances that are being evaporated and what you are inhaling. 

What’s the difference from smoking?

The difference between smoking and vaping is that when you smoke you are burning your herb to vaporize the essential oils, inhaling ash and plant matter and all that comes along. When you vaporize your product, since there is no direct heat there is no combustion and your product is not burnt but the essential oils in it are being extracted by the indirect heat therefore avoiding the ash and plant matter. This is better soothing for your throat and gives it a better taste. 

Benefits of vaping

These are many that is why vaping has become so popular in the last couple of years. Starting off with the discrete factor with the handhelds for those who prefer to keep it low, or have to. Then there is the portability factor. Very easy and comfortable to carry around and overall very convenient in some cases. 

Taste plays a very positive role here as well. Since you’re inhaling vapor and essential oils the taste is typically more concentrated and since there is no combustion and ash it is more soothing for your throat and lungs. And unlike smoking or burning your material by vaping you will always get the most out of your material therefore less waste. 

In conclusion, overall vaping can be a more pleasurable experience due to all the previously mentioned. In the handhelds your battery would normally last all day. How convenient skipping the lighter and the ash thing and just take a hit with the press of a button instead and the odor is generally lighter, more discrete and easy to dissipate. Another thing to have in mind like most in life, what you get is what you pay for, in other words don’t go for the cheapest which will generally disappoint you. If you’re interested in a vaporizer check out our selection in the Gift Shop to find the right one for you. 

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